Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update on Life

This past week has been a busy and fun one. We're getting ready to travel to BC for Christmas and it occurred to me the other day that it was only a little over 2 weeks away! YIKES! December always seems to fly by. Unfortunately, I know that our visit with family in Canada will also fly by all too quickly. So, I've been baking a lot, doing some mending of clothes, buying presents, making presents, wrapping presents, making lists - I love lists! - trying to organize our meals for the next couple of weeks, planning on food for the trip, activities for the kids during the 15 hour drive, and lots more. There are simply not enough hours in each day to get everything accomplished.

I've made a master list of things I want to accomplish each day before the trip and am holding to it pretty well. It's making life a little less hectic at the moment.

This week will be another busy and eventful one.

Today we met friends for lunch at Pizza Hut to honor their daughter's 15th birthday, came home and babysat for some other friends.

This week:
Monday. Schooling in the morning and the homeschool group is coming to our home in the afternoon for a craft day. We'll be making these:

for the elderly in the care center later in the week. I've spent the better part of today gathering, cutting and preparing the items needed for tomorrow's craft. In the evening, my husband teaches a Bible study.

Tuesday. Schooling, in the evening I meet with a friend for errand running, dinner, coffee, or whatever we decide to do. It's our "girls night out".

Wednesday. Schooling, in the evening my husband teaches a Bible study.

Thursday. Schooling, in the evening my husband teaches a Bible study - anyone noticing a trend here???

Friday. House cleaning with the kids, Christmas caroling at the care centers in the afternoon and pass out our gifts while we visit with the residents. In the evening, we babysit for a couple who dates each Friday night.

Saturday. Hang out with family and date with my husband in the evening.

I will also continue baking cookies this week and making these.


David said...

I love lists too! I don't know how people survive without them.

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