Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Not having a dishwasher - well - stinks!

What works for me is an under sink tote to hold dirty dishes throughout the day.

Everyone - with the exception of the lone male in the house - (love you honey!) knows to put their dishes under the sink when they're done using them. Our morning routine consists of doing the dishes nearly first thing so they're ready for the day.

This helps so we don't have to look at dirty dishes pile up all day and I can look at a shiny, clean sink all day instead!

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Mommy Bee said...

That is a LOVELY idea! I also hate not having a dishwasher (or, rather, BEING the dishwasher here!) Unfortunately, I don't have storage space under my sink to do something like that. :( Good idea though!

Julie said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing! =)

Dot said...

I used to do that before we bought our dishwasher. When I was a young mom I had an apartment, and the sink had a counter top cover so that there was more counter top space. It was wonderful for hiding dishes until I was ready to do them.

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