Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home Improvements?

We've had a wood stove sitting in the corner of our living room for a year and a half. We intended to put it together last winter but didn't have the resources or tools to get it done. After using a space heater to heat the entire house all last winter, we decided to do whatever it took to get it in this year.

Thankfully, we have a great friend who, a) knows what he's doing, b) has the tools to do it, and c) is willing to help - we are so thankful to God for this!

The guys started last weekend by putting a hole in the ceiling for the stove pipe to go through. For a while there I had a nice skylight!
My husband and I have always wanted to make our home a real open-floor plan. We don't like all the little rooms and all the small doorways. Our intention has always been to knock a few walls out here and there to create an open space. On Sunday night we started! When we woke up that morning, we had no idea we would be doing this - that's how we work! So, Sunday night we proceeded to knock out a huge wall separating our living room from our kitchen. I was just picking out paint colors for the living room last week - I guess that will have to wait! The pictures are really poor because the house was filled with dust (the walls were built in 1895 and are lath and plaster - it makes a horrible mess!).

Views from the living room. That small door in the middle goes into the kitchen.
More of the wall coming out - at this point, the entire floor is filled with plaster chunks and small sticks of wood with tiny nails & I was dreading the cleanup.
View from the kitchen side.
Almost opened up!

Most of the dirty work is now done. It's just a matter of dusting everything and sweeping 5 times a day. I'll post more as the work progresses.


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