Friday, September 26, 2008

Christmas Preparations

I love the idea of getting ready and shopping early for Christmas gifts for family and friends. We yard sale - a lot!! - so we do manage to get great, new or nearly new items for next to nothing throughout the year.

A few months ago a found a great sewing idea for a kids felt crayon roll. I thought it was a great idea for taking crayons or markers on the go.

I decided to make these with my girls for sewing class for the next few weeks as Christmas gifts for their friends and the little girls in my life. They are so easy and inexpensive to make!

I followed the directions here and will enlarge a few of them for older girls to hold pencil crayons or markers. The girls are doing great and are both loving sewing. They especially enjoy choosing the fabric colors for each friend and making it themselves.

Here are a few finished projects (sans crayons).


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