Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Word Meme

I've decided to try my first meme. I got this one at Conversations with my Hairdryer. Each answer is supposed to be only one word. Here goes:

  • Where is your cell phone? car
  • Your significant other? sleeping
  • Your hair? messy
  • Your mother? Canada
  • Your Father? Heaven
  • Your favorite thing? singing
  • Your dream last night? moved
  • Your favorite drink? (iced) tea
  • Your dream/goal? Heaven
  • The room you're in? office
  • your church? home
  • Your fear? dark
  • Where were you last night? friend's
  • muffins? bran
  • One of your wish list items? paint
  • Where you grew up? Canada
  • The last thing you did? sleep
  • What are you wearing? sweats
  • Your TV? off
  • Your pets? cute!
  • Your computer? three
  • Your life? fun!
  • Your mood? energized
  • Missing someone? husband
  • Your car? van
  • Something you're not wearing? make-up
  • Favorite store? one?
  • Your summer? refreshing
  • Like (love) someone? yup!
  • Your favorite color? brown (today)
  • Last time you laughed? last night
  • Last time you cried? last week


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