Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Frugal Finds, Freebies & Finds

This week my mailbox was brimming with all kinds of deals and freebies. It has been a pleasure filling out all the little forms and seeing the fruit of my labors. Our family has been able to try all kinds of new products in the process too which has been interesting.

  • Purina One 30 Day Challenge came through this week with coupons for 2 free bags of dog food and 2 free bags of cat food. I have yet to find the size and brand of dog food in our little city but I'm still looking.
  • Free Cascade Rinse with coupon from Home Made Simple
  • Coupon booklet full of coupons for household products we use daily from Home Made Simple
  • Free Beyond Bodiheat patch for sore muscles
  • Free sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume
  • Samples of Serenity panty liners
  • Sample of Benefiber
  • Sample of Tide liquid
  • Sample of Alaway eye itch relief
  • Sample of Splenda flavor blends
  • Sample of Old Spice Red Zone body wash
  • Kotex liners .29 with $1 off coupon
  • Arm & Hammer toothpaste .50 each at a yard sale (they were sealed and within the expiry date)


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