Monday, July 28, 2008

Decorating on a Dime

We bought our first home 2 years ago. It was a run down, ex-drug dealer's, torn up shack. "It needs work" was an understatement. We have slowly put work into it here and there and thanks to yard sales and thrift stores, have made some great improvements yet we have a LONG way to go.

I have decided to devote the next few posts to how we made home improvements and decorated our home on a dime. I'll take a room at a time and show you what improvements we made & how much they cost us. Some rooms are only half finished. Here's our progress so far...

Today's room: The Bathroom

Our bathroom needed an overhaul when we moved in. Although the pink toilet was very nice! We've got some grander plans for the bathroom in the future but for now we have made it livable. We ripped out a hideous sink/cabinet thing and replaced it with a yard sale sink ($5) and thrift store faucet ($3).
We've painted only half the wall. I thought I'd put up wainscoting on the lower half but have since changed my mind (surprise!) and just need to paint the lower half. I say just like it's no big deal, but we've been living like this for 6 months. I am the queen of procrastination. I don't like it one bit.

As mentioned earlier, I had to give up my lovely 70's pink toilet for this plain old white one. Yipee! We found this at a yard sale for $5. This Spring we found this wicker rack ($5) at a yard sale, also the toilet paper/towel rack ($3) at another yard sale. I love yard sales! There is no ideal place for a toilet paper roll in this bathroom and I had been looking on ebay for a rack like this one but couldn't find one for less than $25.

Some other highlights in the bathroom are the light fixture ($10),

and these cute little mirrors from the thrift store (.50 each)
Total spent on fixtures, paint, and accessories: $47

Tomorrow's Room: The Kitchen


Anonymous said...

You truly are a proverbs 31 wife! I'll bet your husband and children bless and praise you!

I'll also bet you are a disciple of Debbie Pearl and her book: "Created to be His Help Meet".

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