Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Decorating on a Dime - Day Two

Today's room is the kitchen. I will show you a few things we've done to spruce up the place and make life a little easier on the cheap!

The number one thing I share with everyone that has made our lives so much less frazzled is under our sink. A simple rubbermaid bucket ($4) to keep dirty dishes in. We don't have a dishwasher yet (hint, hint) so the dishes pile up during the day which is something I detest looking at. It discourages me from cooking and keeping things nice when I have to look at a pile of dirty dishes. I know we could wash them as we use them but my girls are the dishwashers in our home and their chore is to wash them once per day. SO - everyone knows (even guests who know us well) to put their dishes under the sink when they are finished. It makes life a little simpler - you know?
When I was visiting my family in Canada in March, my Grandma was going through her old recipe box. I was amazed she had kept those old recipe cards for so long and asked if I could have them someday. She said "I don't know why anyone would be interested in these ratty old things - but you can have them now". Yes! I chose my three favorites. Yorkshire pudding, brownies, and shortbread cookies. I framed ($1) them when I got home and they sit above my stove. The wooden plate is a gift from my Mom (free), and the drawer shelf is from the thrift store ($2).

We painted our kitchen when we first moved in. One of my favorite features in the kitchen is the back door (leading out to the backyard). My Mom gave me the Welcome sign (free) , I made the game board, the wreath ($1), and antique kitchen tools ($5) came from a thrift store, and the wooden cupboard was from a yard sale ($2).

A few other things we've picked up here and there that brighten my day are my kitchenaid red coffee pot from a yard sale ($2)

The old red phone from a yard sale (.50)

Various antique kitchen gadgets I received as gifts and picked up for cheap at estate sales and thrift stores. I intend to border my entire kitchen with them but don't just pick up anything. It's got to catch my eye to be able to live with it.
And of course, my all time favorite find that has worked so well for us and was a the best frugal find to date - my flat top stove from a yard sale ($40)
As a side note, I know I have incorporated a lot of red accessories into the kitchen with burgundy trim and doors. It is my intention to switch all the trim in the house over to white over the next couple of months. The dark we have found is much too dark to live with.

Tomorrow's room: The Living Room


Anonymous said...

Your blog is SO awesome! I love seeing all the things you're doing WAY down there in Idaho. I think your writing and presentation are great too. Keep it coming!!! (The fact that I'm your mother in no way influences my judgment :-)

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