Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Annual Yard Sale

I haven't posted in a while. We're prepping for a massive yard sale on July 4th. A city-wide parade happens not too far from our house and the traffic flow goes right past a major corner down the road from us. Lots of big signs should bring the traffic our way. We're selling off all unsold ebay items as well as paring down our belongings to make room for new yard sale finds this summer!

I think this will be our biggest sale yet. We usually hold one large one per year. The last few days and weeks have been spent digging out box-after-box-after-box from the depths of the shed. Cleaning everything off and slapping a price tag on it. We finished late last night. Today was spent making signs, getting tables up and last minute prep. I am totally wasted and every muscle hurts. For the first time in my life though I have not procrastinated and have tomorrow basically free to relax. Yay!


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